Thank you for praying and fasting to end abortion and for those affected by it.

Our goal is to bring Jesus Christ's presence, life and healing where there is a culture of death by praying 365 days a year in front of Whole Woman's Health abortion facility and Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Fort Worth. Please join us!

 to sign up to pray or go to:

Whole Woman's Health
3256 Lackland Road
Fort Worth, TX

Planned Parenthood
6464 John Ryan Drive
Fort Worth, TX

(When you get to the 40 Days For Life 365 sign up page type in Fort Worth to search location and then click on "LOGIN/SIGN UP". Create an account if you do not have one. Once signed in click on "SIGN UP  FOR VIGIL HOURS" and then click on "VIEW 365 DAY CALENDAR" and then click on the day and hour you want to sign up.

We encourage you to come with a prayer partner. Invite a friend, family member or neighbor to join you in prayer.

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Mighty and Eternal God, full of compassion and love, hear our Prayers. Bring Justice on this Land for all especially the most vulnerable and defenseless child in a mother's womb. Pour out your Grace on our Supreme Court Judges and give them wisdom and the courage to speak God's truth in defense of the preborn. We pray that the Supreme Court will rule that the child in the womb is a human being worthy of all rights including the right to life, and that a woman's bodily rights does not include total autonomy to cause harm to another. Almighty God, we pray in Jesus Name that it be Your Will to bring down Roe V Wade by the outcome of this Supreme Court Hearing in Mississippi, Dobbs V Jackson Women's Health Organization. Amen.